bob平台邪恶的天才编年史播客2016年8月26日 - 崩溃生活方

在这节课中,我播放一首歌从灵魂庇护所;我discuss my podcast setup; I talk about putting a costume together for Dragon*Con and my evolution as a congoer; I discuss having a good time in bad venues; I love to crash parties; small talk is not that hard; all your worst case scenarios for social situations are true and you’ll still be OK.

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bob平台邪恶的天才编年史Podcast for February 1 2016 – The Polite Conventions

我n this episode I play a song from Valley Lodge; I discuss the problems in producing anything regularly; I catalog my failure to meet my writing goals; I talk about my queues of podcasts, comics, books and TV shows; I discuss the true seriousness of OCD and how no one is “a little bit OCD”; I point out what seems like a logical discrepancy with how the left treat the 99%/1% split and trans people; I talk about my dream schedule of SF and comic conventions to attend in 2016; I discuss my Creative Common license and whether it is polite to ask to use CC licensed work.

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bob平台邪恶的天才编年史播客2013年8月30日 - “我在粉丝中的生命#27”

这里是direct MP3 downloadfor the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, August 30, 2013.

This episode covers my time in the Portland OR area and my very pleasant interactions with PDX fandom.

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bob平台邪恶的天才编年史Podcast for February 6, 2012 – “Write Me, Flattr Me”

这里是direct MP3 downloadfor the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, circa February 6, 2012. This episode was recorded standing on a chilly and windy beach. I have two main topics – suggesting that podcasters and specifically podcasters of my circle should bum rush the Flattr system and talking about The Month of Letters Challenge, aka #LetterMo.

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LetterMo 2012

LetterMo 2012

我was lucky enough to have made the acquaintance of玛丽罗林斯特凯拉尔Orycon2006, when we were on several panels together. I’ve followed her ever since and noted with interest the project she began talking about a few weeks ago,The Month of Letters Challenge。我t’s not unlike NaNoWriMo but the idea is to write and send a letter each mail day in the month of February. There are 24 mail days in the month, so 24 letters.

正如它所发生的那样,多年来,我有创造小拼贴画明信片并向我的朋友邮寄给他们。我的想法是每个周末做一个,并邮寄给与我堕落联系的朋友。我一直认为应该是第一个收件人是我的朋友托马斯佩克那who is now sadly the late great Thomas Peake. Thomas was always a guy for creating things, especially interesting physical artifacts. He taught me how to screen print t-shirts (some of which I still have and wear), he used to print up his own zines and the like. This idea appealed to me precisely because it was physical. Much of what I have done in the last decade is digital, electronic and ephemeral. I liked the idea of getting glue on my fingers and dropping in the post a little physical thing that will show up at someone’s house in their mailbox. It is old fashioned and nostalgic and the opposite of how we do things nowadays.

我had this idea maybe five years ago, but it wasn’t until Mary began posting her challenge to social networking sites that I began action. It was just enough of a shove to get me out of my inertial rut and moving. This is now underway. I mailed the first one today, to Mary herself. That seemed like a reasonable enough place to start. The next is going out tomorrow. I am tending to prepare them a day ahead, mainly because I want to keep a scan of them for myself. Part of the challenge is that you don’t write them ahead of time. You write one per day. I am, however, making the collages several days ahead of time and leaving them blank until time for the letter.

皱纹我决定添加的二维码在每个them that points back to this post. If you were the recipient of one of these cards and reading this post, please leave me a quick comment below. It seems like a weird and interesting way to bridge the loop between the online and off, the slow deliberate postal system and the immediate global internet. I’m all for weird hybrids of interesting projects, especially the kind that helps keep me in touch with my friends.

Even if you don’t start on February 1st, if you want to join in either because you received a letter from someone (maybe me) or it just seems fun, please do. Start whenever you like, count off 24 mail days and get to it. Life is short, friends are too scarce and now is the only time we ever have. Off we go into the future, you and me and everyone. Let’s make it what we want of it.

Convention Season

我’m thinking a lot about conventions lately. This is the first year where not only am I not going to播客博览会but I never for a second even considered going. I was scheduled to speak last year but when it came down not only was my day job so crushing at the time but it had been for months and I just couldn’t do it. I had to cancel a few weeks before the show, which was a crappy way to go about it and made me feel bad. However when it came to the actual missing of the show other than not being able to hang out with my friends, I was OK with not going. The extended to this year when I just never considered going at all. Nothing against the event but a combination of losing the scruffy charm of the Ontario CA conference center and just not having much interest in the “podcast industry” as a goal left me uninterested this year.

相比之下,因为我有一个重生现实突破on my hands, I’m trying to increase my attendance at science fiction and comic book conventions. That’s where I choose to put my energy and travel budget now rather than Podcast Expo. I’d rather go where my potential listeners and fans are. People generally have this idea of promoting their show at Podcast Expo but really that’s not a great place for promotion unless your goal is to get the attention primarily of other podcasters.

However because I’m ever less enthralled with getting on airplanes the cons I attend will skew heavily towards the southeast where I can drive to them. I missedHeroes Conbut I will be attendingDragon*Conwhere I will be participating in the podcasting track and also doing interviews. I hope to make it toSmall Press Expo在贝塞斯达,马里兰州这个堕落了,也有一些面试。我有邀请 Portland OR that I’m thinking hard about but is low probability. I’d love to do it as I have lots of friends out there but it’s just such a shlep to get there and back. When I went in 2006 I ended up losing most of one of my days with friends and sleeping in Ohare airport.

有一个新的漫画会议称为XConthat will be starting up in Myrtle Beach this Halloween season. I’ll obviously go to that one. If people have suggestions of good cons for both promoting my work and getting new interview material recorded, let me know. The probability that I can go decreases with the square of the distance from the South Carolina coast but I’d love to know about them.


Tom Spurgeon指出,他主持的面板Heroes Con被中间人记录了Dollar Bin guys。我’ve been listening to these and really appreciate them since I wanted to go to the convention this year and couldn’t. This brings up a point I’ve been meaning to blog about for years and keep forgetting to.

When I was a guest atorycon 2006., 在之上interviewing Cory Doctorow我was on a lot of panels. I recorded 5 of the 6 panels I was on. At this point, the only thing I’ve ever done with those recordings was to excerpt a snippet of my closing remarks on one panel in an episode of EGC. However, I do have them and could always do something with them later.

The act of recording them was a pain in the ass – not technically which was very easy – but permission-wise. Every single time, I’d put my Marantz in the center of the table and tell the panelists I was recording. Every single panelist was cool with it every single time. After all, we are there to speak publicly and on the record so why wouldn’t we be? Every single time, though, some bristling occurred from the audience. They always wanted to know what I was doing with the recordings and why I was taping the session. It might have to do with the Oregonian contrarian nature because on the Heroes Con sessions they announce they are taping and no one says a word against it. I hope I don’t seem elitist and like I’m pulling rank but it always bugged me to get push back from the people whose contributions were limited and who might not even be able to be picked up on mic when the panelists were all cool with it.

This did lead me to a way to get around all the painful negotiations and explanations. I think SF and comic conventions should explicitly declare themselves, their grounds and the events that occur during their time period asCreative Commons许可非商业/ Sharealike /归属。任何人都可以通过音频或视频或在公共会议空间中拍摄任何信息并在这些条款下发布。无论如何,90%的这种情况发生了。Flickr充满了任何此类活动的照片,您可以想到。它只是使其更容易和标准如何处理录制问题。这是对他们的思想宣传的令人兴趣的是让他们的Shindig独特,这降低了这一点。如果“公约”宣布这一许可制度提前,那么每个人都会了解进入的术语。作为整个公约的公约是在记录中,没有人应该有任何问题。它只是让它更简单,它释放了专业人士和粉丝在没有大量的开销的情况下做创造性的工作,这是他们所做的创造性的工作。


EGC Clambake for May 20, 2007 – “Orycon Interviews Part Three”

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这是orycon剧集的第三个。我播放来自汤姆史密斯的音乐,并在黛比十字架,杰瑞和凯西奥尔蒂昂以及来自玫瑰城时尚队,Camarilla和Ansalon Mud的代表进行采访。

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Place:orycon 2006.
Saturday, 6 PM
小组成员:Rick Lindsley,Michael A. Martin那Me
Moderator: David W. Goldman

This was one of those panels that has a stacked premise in the title, “The Myth of the Intelligent Machine.” That panel more or less as one rejected that stackedness. David G, with whom I had shared the panel on computers in SF literature, ran a very tight ship and moderated this one quite well. He had us as part of our introductory remarks state whether or not we felt a machine intelligence could be create that had parity with a human intelligence. My answer was resoundingly yes. I don’t remember what the overall definition of parity would be, but mine was that of an intelligence that given the same inputs would achieve the same range of outputs. Thus, a machine intelligence of me getting the feed of the panel through optical and auditory emulation should cover responses that I could plausibly make. The non-determinism of the human animal, and the possibility of these being different on different days was covered, but I pointed out that we take a narrow view when we look at the current sensory information being the inputs. I suggested that all the previous days are the input, and that if the machine intelligence was given the same information as I to make it have a bad day, it is only reasonable that it have responses from the grumpier end of the spectrum.

我们谈到了神经网络,学习的极限和这种事情。我brought up the work by the guys (couldn’t remember which school they were from) who did backprop neural networks that had delays in them that were closer to those like human neurons, where the firing time was more like 0.1 s per neuron than the nearly instantaneousness of most AI systems. I saw some of the work that did picking speech out of audio with noise introduced, and the AI could pick things I found were inaudible. Someone in the audience corroborated this so I was glad I wasn’t misremembering it (or dreaming it altogether.)

Somewhere late in the panel, I decided that machine representation of human level intelligence by any definition you want was provably possible. If you accept the premise that with sufficient computing power an atom can be modeled exactly, and accept that interactions between atoms and molecules and the quantum level can be modeled eventually then as an outside boundary, the me sitting in that room could be modeled brute force by modeling that volume of space that I occupied. It would require more computing power than exists on earth presently to model any single atom I’m sure, but if you accept those premises then you have to accept the possibility of human intelligence being emulated somewhere well past the singularity.

我remember Rick and Michael both having plenty of (humanly) intelligent things to say and being quite interesting, but sadly I can’t remember specifics anymore. David as I said did a fine job, and overall this was quite a good panel. Lots of audience interaction and lots of smart things said in the crowd.


我have thus far gotten zero feedback on any of my Orycon stuff – not the podcast interviews nor the panel writeups. Nonetheless, I’m going to push through and try to finish up the remaining three panel recaps today. I should have closed those out weeks ago before the fine details faded from my memory but that’s the way these things always go. I have tapes I could go back and refer to, but I believe that’s more work than I’m willing to put into it.

EGC Clambake for November 30, 2006

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这是orycon剧集中的第一个。我与“公约”讲述了我的背景;我扮演一些 XmasSolstice music from the HP Lovecraft Historical Society; I play interviews with James Fiscus about the Endeavour Award, Vincent Vaughn about the Greater Portland Costuming Society and Conrad Larsen about bookselling; I play a song from the Xenozoic Tales CD and then it’s off to the dead dog party.

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Place:orycon 2006.
Friday, 3 PM
小组成员:L. Pierce Ludke,Frank Hayes,David W. Goldman(Michael Ehartscheduled, couldn’t make it)
Moderator: Me

[Enough time has elapsed that my memory is starting to get shaky. Correct me if you catch a technical inaccuracy. I might correct some if this from listening to the recording of it later. ]


我们开幕陈述,然后从本发明前几天讨论了科幻小说中的计算机历史,通过了迷你计算机的时代。我问了一个点,有多么紧密地交织在一起,有多么紧密地交织在控制我们所有人的恶毒计算机的愿景(“etaoin shrdlu”,“我没有嘴巴,我必须尖叫”)是与冷战的焦虑和我们所担心的恐惧失去对我们具体的人类方面的控制。弗兰克带来了“一个名叫Joe”的逻辑,这巧合是一件我一直想在我的播客中谈论,因为我听到了它宇宙飞船无线电几个月后。Pierce带上了“九亿个上帝的名字”,大卫带来了Asimovian Ai,而且我们也有一个混合的通信混合,我在达蒙骑士的话题上提出了我最喜欢的故事,Damon Knight的“我见到了你”。

As the panel went on, we brought things forward in the literature up to the cyberpunks and talked about their particular relationship to technology. Neal Stephenson and William Gibson and Bruce Sterling were of course mentioned. I asked about who in the room used Second Life and floated the idea (that I don’t necessarily agree with) that it is a proto-manifestation of Stephenson’s Metaverse. I mentioned my relationship with cheap technology (Uplifting although I never used that term) and how I find the most important idea in the whole cyberpunk canon Gibson’s “The street finds its own uses for things.” As an example, I shot the panel and audience with my CVS camcorder.

As we closed out, I posited查尔斯队作为这种情况的自然继承人,并浮现了一些他的想法Accellerando作为证据。



Place:orycon 2006.
小组成员:本亚洛Frank HayesMichael Ehart那Me
Moderator:Michael Pearce




我n retrospect, the thing that happened about 40 minutes in where we discussed practical advice, that should have happened much earlier. Even though I have worked quite hard to de-Microsoft my life, there was a little much anti-Microsoft stuff in here for my taste. It seemed like the needs of the audience were getting met, and there was much room for their input so in the end everyone got what they needed. I was sitting next to Ben Yalow and his fabulous sweater. I don’t know if he remembers me from time to time, but Ben is one of those guys I meet somewhere about every five years. I remember him, but then he’s more memorable than I.

Bottom Line: I think the panel was OK and did what it was supposed to, I tried to participate and help but I didn’t have that much input to put in. Would love to hear from people in the seats what they got out of it.

What’s in Your Duffel Bag?

SinceDom asked,我会拉一个托马斯Pynchon,并写出一些大鸣喇叭列表,以作为表征。



14″ iBook (my main laptop for the last 2.5 years)
Cheap multi-card reader (essential for managing the CF cards I use in the Marantz)
Multi-USB cable, the kind with swappable plugs
USB cable for mobiBLU
Kodak EZ Share digital camera
书籍(Andelman传记为Eisner和最近的Bruce Sterling)
Altoids (essential for interviewing people all day without grossing them out)
看似非工作的Lexar MP3播放器


Marantz PMD670 and shoulder strap
紧急情况下的Marantz AA电池适配器(8个必填项)
3 Audio-Technica ATS35s lavalier microphones
21/4″ stereo to XLR adapters (required for the lavs)
2 12'XLR麦克风电缆
Assorted business card, pens and office supplies

我had considered and then abandoned a plan where I’d do the interviews with the snowcone mic for the interviewees and wear a lavalier mic for myself. I decided against that because then we might get weird sound differences between the two. Besides, by using the one mic and moving it back and forth, I could use DLR mono on my Marantz where it records two tracks, one regular and one attenuated by 20 dB. This way, if the regular channel gets overloaded and clips, you can use the other channel for that portion. Fiendish!

Overall it all worked and wasn’t that bulky to carry around. Switching from mic situation, which was lav for sit down interviews, snowcone for walking around, and internal condensor mic for panels, was the biggest drag. That, and continuously untangling cables despite having velcro cable wraps that should have kept it all together.


我’ve been back home for almost 48 hours and I’m still a little tired and my voice still sounds like Tom Waits. Three days of solid talking, much of it in loud rooms, will do that to a person. I’m delighted I went toOrycon。在他们邀请我之前,我并没有真正计划,因为博比杜夫努力接触我。在假期周末,我想做我拍摄的所有小组的撰写,以及我的第一个播客与来自骗局的采访。这项工作永远不会停止,它只是从海岸到海岸移动。


Place:orycon 2006.
小组成员:Cory Doctorow.Jay Lake玛丽罗林斯特凯拉尔
Moderator: Me

Jay and Mary were both people that I met as we sat down at the table and people that I liked quite a bit. I had a chance to talk to both in hallways later on and carry on the conversation a little further. At the absolute last minutes, as I was leaving the con Mary and I chatted about her growing up in North Carolina. I suggested she try to make Converge South next year, but she lives in Iceland so that’s a big issue for her. She’s got the same difficulties as I do in going to lots of cross-country cons, except hers is far longer international flights.

To be perfectly honest, this is the panel I feared the most as a moderator. That Cory is a blogger of repute and reach that swamps out the other three of us I thought might be an issue. To his enormous credit, he did not pull rank or in any way condescend to the other panelists or anyone in the room. I found that highly classy and egalitarian, treating us all as equal peers and partners in the blogosphere and the present conversation.

我did some audience calibration to begin this panel. I asked for shows of hands for a number of questions: who wants to blog but doesn’t know how; who blogs; who writes or wants to write professionally; who writes and blogs; who uses their writing as a topic in or as snippets of their blog. There were only three people out of maybe 40 or 50 that were in the “need to learn” camp so I asked them to reraise their hands for someone knowledgeable near them to volunteer to buddy up with them and talk to them after the panel to help them out. Then we began.


玛丽有一些吸引人的故事关于她哈s used her blog for her artistic endeavors and also how she deals with the blog/work membrane. Cory talked about a common theme of the weekend – the collapse of multi-faceted identities to a single point and the problems that can cause when your home life is public and it make cause friction with your work life and how blogging can be the mechanism for that collapse. Jay and Cory both talked about using their blogs as repositories for their work in progress and the materials thereof. There was discussion of the “personal brand” and lots of talk about whether to have separate blogs for different topics, whether to be pseudonymous or use one’s real name. We talked about the blog as a tool for engagement with ones audience and the Neil Gaiman approach of chatty blogging vs the Neal Stephenson opproach of conspicuous absence from the web and blogosphere.

最后,科里试图教我一下moderation that I was just too slow on the uptake to do effectively this time but that I’ll be doing every panel I ever moderate from here on out. When we ran low on time, we got all the people with pending questions to just all ask them one at a time. Then we went down the row and each panelist answered one of the questions on the floor. It worked like gangbusters once I finally understood what we were trying to do. I thought that each question would get a volunteer to answer it, which was upside down from the real thing. At the panel he moderated he did this (much more smoothly) and it worked very very well.





Soon there will be much slacktime and waiting time, and I’ll write up the thorough notes. If I can catch some wifi in Seatac, I’ll post some of it. Until then, I’m off the grid for a while. Keep the intarnets warm for me, compadres.

Orycon Day and Night 2

Things are going pretty swimmingly. I got to see a lot of my friends from the PDX last night, and even bridged the gap from conventioneers to mundanes by taking my friends around to room parties last night. I got to see my former vice-president of publishing for whom I worked hanging out at the Pirates of the Columbia party. That made the whole trip worth the price of admission.

昨天所有的面板很顺利,一个主持by me and two not. I also did something like 15 or 20 spontaneous interviews, as well as one pre-planned long one with Cory Doctorow. More details on all this later. I’ve got to get myself organized and ready for the noon panel today, packed up before it because of checkout time. Depending on the wifi situation between here and my final destination, I might get more posted today or I might do a data dump when I get home. I’ll try to write up a trip report tonight on my red-eyes while details are fresh.

Thanks to everyone at Orycon that took the time to talk to me. If my schwag handout rate is at all productive, some of y’all should be hitting this blog. In a lot of ways, this is possibly my most pleasant con experience ever.


Dinner and drinks at Rock Bottom Brewery with Jon Groff, followed by a short stint of party hopping and then in bed pretty early for a convention. I slept from about midnight to 8 AM PST, which is pretty long for me. I went to the Pirates of the Columbia party, in which they had set up a tiki bar in one room and were playingTiki Bar TV在另一个。大多数人都戴着互敏匹配,三角帽,包裹,蓬松衬衫等我喜欢它!

Now I’m just gearing up for my 10 AM panel, “RSS and the New News”, which is today’s moderation stint and my first one withCory。我just checked the recording of yesterday’s panel and it sounded remarkably good. Not only could I hear all the people on the panel pretty clearly, I got a lot of the audience as well. We’ll keep this experiment going.